Eko Trust
Collaborating to Learn
About Us


Every member of our community is empowered to learn, to be ambitious and to be resilient


Vitality, Optimism, Integrity, Courage, Equity

Our Mission

  • We collaborate to achieve world class outcomes for our children, young people and  families
  • We develop flexible, innovative approaches to learning to  build our centres of excellence
  • We invest in high quality support and development  across diverse schools
  • We support and  challenge each other in an inclusive environment


We are:

open to learn from each other

thoughtful and inspiring

understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, background and motivations

trustworthy and loyal to the team

respectful when challenging

resilient when challenged

clear and honest and have the courage to disagree.

We do:

have the highest professional standards and celebrate our achievements

look after ourselves and each others well being

accept there will be challenges and give each other space and time

listen & respect each other

support opinions with facts and evidence

express gratitude

talk with clarity and honesty and have the courage to disagree

deliver in an accurate, timely and cost effective way.


 Collaborating to Learn