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The CEO of our Trust is a National Leader of Education and the Chair of our Trust is a National Leader of Governance. We have worked to develop National Leaders of Education, Local Leaders of Education and Specialist Leaders of Education across our family of schools. They are a dedicated team of exceptional leaders that provide bespoke support packages to individuals, schools or departments.

Working alongside East London Early Years and School Partnership (ELEYSP), our support is based on our values of working collaboratively to make significant contributions to ensure the best educational outcomes for all children. This creative collaboration between schools delivers sustainable impacts for learners, teachers and the whole school community. By using evidence based approaches and on-going evaluation, we successfully enable schools to reflect on the key issues that make a difference; leadership, teaching and learning, creating safe and healthy schools.

Our leaders in our schools draw upon a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience to implement highly effective school-to-school improvement strategies. This focus on using our own excellent leadership to build others enables us to develop future leadership potential and support retention.

Eko Trust is keen to work with other schools and can provide the following support

Our specialisms include:

  • Phonics and the development of early reading
  • Maths – precise analysis into raising standards and closing the gap
  • Thrive – a whole-setting approach to supporting the social and emotional development of all children and young people
  • Understanding and developing resilience
  • Closing gaps for disadvantaged children
  • Leadership development at all levels of the organisation

Creating a more holistic approach to school improvement

Oliver Thomas Nursery School has been an Eko Trust partner for several years. After reviewing how leadership Oliver Thomas worked, Head teacher Nicola Hayden was keen to see how working with an Eko Trust system leader could open up learning opportunities for her staff.

Working with Natasha Groom, one of the Eko Trust’s Specialist Leaders of Education, Nicola was challenged to consider how performance management could support her staff’s development and contribute to school improvement as well as provide a good induction for the new Deputy head who was just about to take up their role.

“Natasha (the SLE) listened, understood and worked with me to shape performance management for the particular needs of my school. Her incisive support helped give me clarity and confidence in creating a more holistic approach to school improvement. I’ve been really inspired by the work we have done together and I know this is going to further strengthen our work as a school.”

Nicola Hayden, Head teacher Oliver Thomas Nursery School

How we can help

Our Teaching School, the East London Early Years and Schools Partnership, is happy to broker high quality system leaders – national leaders of education (NLEs), local leaders of education (LLEs), specialist leaders of education (SLEs) and national leaders of governance (NLGs) – into schools to collaborate and bring about and secure change in children’s outcomes.

Eko Trust and ELEYSP offer tailor-made support packages which can include NLEs, LLEs or SLEs working in a range of ways. This can include data analysis, coaching and mentoring, facilitating and training or joint action planning.

We have a track record of commissioned work from local authorities, teaching schools, Multi Academy Trusts as well as individual and groups of schools. If you are interested in developing bespoke support packages with our dedicated team of exceptional system leaders, contact East London Early Years and Schools Partnership.


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