Eko Leadership Programme

At Eko Trust, we believe that investing in our staff is essential for us to achieve the best outcomes for our pupils, keep our staff motivated and excited about their work and ensure that our practice remains cutting edge.

We offer all staff a variety of professional development pathways and opportunities; all members of Eko are encouraged to develop their expertise and are provided with high quality professional development for their specific roles.

One of the strengths of Eko Trust is our understanding about the importance of leadership and the huge impact it has on outcomes for pupils. Leadership development ensures talent is grown, staff are nourished and developed and that we have a clear plan of succession and retention.

Great leadership ensures that:​

  • outcomes for children and young people are high and maintained or rising at a rapid rate
  • children and young people benefit from a highly motivated, aspirational and energetic staff team
  • parents choose Eko schools for their children because of the high quality staff that work for the Trust
  • teachers and support staff make active choices to join the Trust as a result of the excellent leadership development available
  • talented leaders and teachers are nurtured and developed for leadership opportunities within schools and across the Trust, in line with the needs of the school and learners
  • leaders at all levels can work on Trust initiatives and be involved in the growth of Eko.


Our Leadership Map map outlines the range of topics leaders can tap into whilst taking part in the leadership programme.

Interested in our leadership programme but not an Eko School?

We also provide our leadership programme to schools and senior leaders who are keen to develop their leadership capabilities and skills.

To find out how you can access this package of support Kate Fallan, Director of Teaching School, Eko Trust at kate.fallan@ekotrust.org.uk


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