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Kaizen School is a National Teaching School and works in partnership with Sheringham Nursery and Children’s Centre. Together, we are the East London Early Years and Schools Partnership (ELEYSP), which comprises at present, 21 nursery, primary, secondary and special schools.

Membership of our Teaching School Alliance brings many benefits and opportunities, for the children and staff in all our partner schools, which include the schools in Eko Trust.

The core purpose of the East London Early Years and Schools Partnership:

  • To build our East London community of teachers by finding, recruiting and developing the very best trainees
  • To develop, challenge and support the staff in our schools to ensure that every child has a great education by offering a wide range of evidence informed and high impact professional learning opportunities
  • To capture the best that the self-improving schools system and system leadership can give us so that our school leaders have excellent connections to each other and to leaders beyond our locality
  • Eko Trust schools form an integral part of the ELEYSP Alliance.

A wide range of staff take part in the very successful CPD offer provided by the ELEYSP (with a focus on Early Years, leadership development and social, emotional and well-being in schools) which underpins staff development across the Trust.

Eko Trust is really committed to ensuring good levels of teacher retention by supporting staff with clear career pathways and access to high quality and relevant CPD. Our schools also contribute to CPD programmes by hosting visits and sessions which offer up a variety of approaches to learning and enable visitors to learn experientially.

We have 6 Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) and 1 National Leader of Education (NLE) working in Eko Trust schools, who work with schools within the Trust, across the Alliance and beyond Newham with a school improvement and leadership development focus. The ELEYSP provides many networking opportunities for these SLEs and NLEs to develop their work.

All our schools ensure they have at least one School Direct trainee teacher in post each year and provide those students with high quality mentoring and support. This means that all Eko schools are facing the recruitment situation proactively and working in partnership with universities to develop a well-established teacher supply.

Eko Schools also work in collaboration with the ELEYSP Alliance to peer review the effectiveness of CPD on school improvement priorities. This partnership ensures that self-evaluation processes are meaningful and support deep learning about what is working and why.


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