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Case studies of our effective School to School support

Our school to school support is based on our values of working collaboratively to make significant contributions to ensure the best outcomes for all children. Read some of the case studies of the schools we have worked with.


Avenue Primary - Newham

Avenue Primary is a school that has been rated good by Ofsted. However their results were not where they wanted them to be and we were brought in by the head teacher to provide extra support to the deputy head teacher and the Year 6  group leader. Their results in 2017 were below the national average, with only 49% per cent of children achieving the expected standard at Key Stage 2. Through Eko Trust's collaboration with them, their 2018 Key Stage 2 data showed 82 per cent of children achieving at the expected standard, an increase of 33 per cent.

We provided leadership coaching, modelled best practice teaching methods and implemented systems for monitoring, moderation and reviewing the quality of teaching and leadership. Our approach was delivered in partnership across the school with teachers and school leaders. The results speak for themselves.

We started work in July 2017  and carried out benchmarking exercises throughout the time we provided support to Avenue.  Over a two month period, we started to see improvements, pupils made 14.25 points progress and 51 per cent of children were already attaining expected or above for reading in test conditions.

Hafise said: “We have been working with the Eko Trust, which is a family of good and outstanding schools,  to help our children achieve the best educational outcomes, share best practice and provide effective and strategic challenge to our teaching methods. This works has paid off as our results now place us amongst the best performing schools in our borough. We will be continuing to work with Eko to ensure our children maintain these high standards of academic achievement and embody our motto of 'Expect the Best ...To be the Best'."

George Mitchell School - Leyton

An all through school whose Key Stage 2 (KS2) results had never been above the national average. In 2017, they achieved 32 per cent on their combined KS2 results. Eko Trust started work in January 2018 and implemented systems for monitoring, moderation and reviewing the quality of teaching to support leaders and secure the best educational outcomes for pupils.

We worked alongside Year 6 teachers to create links to secure higher standards for  outcomes and supported the school to use data to increase the rate of progress for pupils

While we continue to work with George Mitchell, their results are above the national average for the first time. Their combined KS2 results for 2018 were 69 per cent compared, 5 per cent above the national average of 64 per cent.

James Cambell Primary - Dagenham

With a new head teacher in post, Eko Trust worked with the head teacher and the senior leadership team to evaluate the effectiveness of the current systems the school had in place and also designed new ones to fulfil the needs of the school.

This included embedding systems for planning across English (guided reading, writing, grammar and spelling) for Year 6  pupils and a whole school scheme resource to establish consistency of standards. We worked with the school to improve the quality of teaching across the Year 6 teaching leads and reviewed and improved the systems for performance management and accountability.

We provided leadership coaching and support for the new headteacher and secured scouting and appointment of the acting interim headteacher.We have only been working with this school for six months but already we are starting to see improvements. Their KS2 data in 2017 – 41 per cent  combined compared to 2018, 50 per cent. We are continuing to work with them and look forward to even more improvements.