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OLD PAGE - Our family of schools

We are committed to ensuring our schools retain their individuality as we value their uniqueness, their individual skills, strengths, and wealth of experience as this adds to the strength of our Trust.

Eleanor Smith Primary School
North Street, London, E13 9HN

Telephone: 020 8471 0018
Email: info@eleanorsmith.newham.sch.uk
Website: http://eleanorsmith.newham.sch.uk

Eleanor Smith Secondary School
90a Lawson Close, London, E16 3LU

Telephone: 020 7511 3222
Email: officeks3@eleanorsmith.newham.sch.uk

Website: http://eleanorsmith.newham.sch.uk

Earlham Primary School
Earlham Grove,
Forest Gate,
E7 9AW

Telephone: 020 8534 6127
E-mail: info@earlham.newham.sch.uk

Website: www.earlham.newham.sch.uk

Gainsborough Primary School​​
Gainsborough Road, 
West Ham, 
E15 3AF

Telephone: 020 7476 3533 
Email: info@gainsborough.newham.sch.uk

Website: www.gainsborough.newham.sch.uk

Kaizen Primary School
Elkington Road,
E13 8LH

Telephone: 020 7473 6890
E-mail: info@kaizen.newham.sch.uk

Website: www.kaizen.newham.sch.uk