Pupil Premium

How our school support our vulnerable pupils

All schools receive additional funding known as Pupil Premium Funding. Pupil Premium Funding is used to support our schools most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. The funding is calculated by the number of children in our schools who are eligible for free school meals, who are looked after, in care or from an armed forces family.

Having access to these funds helps our schools to support pupils ensure they are not disadvantaged from accessing education by their personal circumstances. Each Eko school uses these funds in ways that best support the needs of their individual school communities.

Eko schools spend the Pupil Premium on raising attainment for eligible pupils, alongside improving pupil’s mental health and wellbeing as well as their attendance at school. We want to ensure all our pupils have access to the rich and broad curriculum we offer.

The type of activities that schools have used these funds to support their eligible pupils include:

  • Provision of free school uniform
  • Focus on maths mastery for pupils requiring additional support
  • Support for those in Year 1 with phonics as this underpins their abilities throughout their educational journey
  • Focus on language and vocabulary for pupils requiring additional support
  • Underpinning areas which support Key Stage 1 and Year 6 attainment


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