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Our family of schools

Eko Trust is a family of good and outstanding schools who collaborate to learn and deliver the best educational outcomes for our children. Eko is a growing Trust and is currently made up of seven schools: four primary and two all-through Social, Emotional and Mental Health Special schools and are based in Newham, Barking & Dagenham, Hackney and Suffolk.

The Trust grew out of the success and impact of a teaching school, and its capacity to challenge and support schools. Collaboration is at our core, with staff and trustees working together to learn to be ambitious and resilient.

All our schools provide a virtual and real hug to our children and the communities that they are part of.  Our results are above the national average on every indicator EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

We welcome contact from other schools who wish to collaborate with us or want to join our family of good and outstanding schools.


Earlham Primary

Earlham Primary is an outstanding school with results in the top 10 percent in England and Wales. Earlham continually works with the local community to improve great outcomes for their pupils and is committed to learning because ‘Learning opens doors and learning changes lives'.


Eko Pathways

Eko Pathways is a good school that focuses on integrating children back into mainstream education, the world of work and life. Eko Pathways School works with parents and leading expert partners to support every child’s achievement and development.


Gainsborough Primary

Gainsborough Primary is one of Newham’s top 20 primary schools, it is rated good and delivers excellent learning experiences and communications. The school supports parents to be part of their child’s development in an inclusive school environment, so pupils succeed no matter what level they start at when they join the school.


Hackney New Primary

Hackney New Primary is an outstanding primary school which provides students with access to the widest range of opportunities in life by fostering academic excellence and instilling self-belief, intellectual curiosity and responsibility towards others in society.


Kaizen Primary

Kaizen Primary is an outstanding school with results in the top 10 per cent in England and Wales, with an inclusive, reflective, creative and innovative leadership team who are relentless in driving school improvement. It is a welcoming school supporting pupils to take ‘small steps towards big dreams’.


Pathways School

Pathways School is a social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) special school in Dagenham supporting young people from ages 7 to 19 who are unable to access mainstream provision due to either social, emotional or mental health needs.


Rushmere Hall Primary

Rushmere Hall Primary is a good school based in Ipswich, Suffolk with a strong wellbeing and nurture programme which links to its caring and supportive ethos. The school has its own nursery provision and two specialist teaching hubs which it manages on behalf of the local authority.